Your Essential Guide to STAR (Purdue Orientation)

On Jun 8th, 2016 | College

So, it’s official…YOU ARE ATTENDING PURDUE! The Ivy League of the Midwest.The proud owner of the “World’s Largest Drum.”And the university that has my heart. Purdue is such a special place and I hope you learn to love it like I do.First things first. STAR (aka your summer orientation visit) is an important start to your life…

Do You Even Save, Bro?

On May 2nd, 2016

What do a ceramic pig, cactus cup and a Pringles can all have in common?They are all PERFECT for saving your loose change!In case you

Choosing Your Financial Institution

On Apr 20th, 2016

What was the very first financial choice you ever made? Think about it: it likely took place before your first job, even as far back as

Decode Financial Award Letters

On Apr 12th, 2016

As exciting as it can be to get acceptance letters, financial aid award letters can be a bit mind-boggling in their presentation and perplexing language.