Hidden Apartment Fees

Hidden Apartment Fees:  Additional costs to expect when moving into a new place

On Dec 18th, 2017 | Budgeting, College, Home life

Searching for an apartment can be stressful. You’re trying to find the best location, a reputable management company, a great apartment and all while staying within budget. The apartment you choose can drastically affect your finances. But keep in mind that it isn’t just the monthly rent that you’ll be paying for. There are many [&hellip…

How to pay for study abroad

Six Ways to Pay for Study Abroad

On Dec 15th, 2017

Paying for study overseas can be a daunting task: tuition, fees, plane tickets, expenses, food, housing and all those kitschy souvenirs to buy. But don’t
Why is saving hard?

Why Does Saving Money Seem So Hard?

On Nov 30th, 2017

You’re walking down the street, stop to tie your shoes, and what do you know — a pretty $20 bill is just lying there, looking
Purdue Friendsgiving

The Perfect Friendsgiving

On Nov 14th, 2017

Friendsgiving – it’s the perfect twist on Thanksgiving. It means you get to spend time with people you choose – your friends. Plus, you can

The 4 Biggest Credit Union Myths

On Oct 18th, 2017

With International Credit Union Day right around the corner, we’d like to clear up the four biggest myths about credit unions. 1. They aren’t big