Money-Saving Life Hacks for Students

Posted on Jul 6th, 2016 | Home life

Sometimes navigating through life isn’t so easy. And we often look for ways to do our daily tasks faster, smarter and more efficiently. Are you struggling with falling asleep at night or trying to find more space in your closet? These nifty money-saving life hacks can help you conquer it all.

Fall Asleep Faster

Having trouble hitting the hay? Try using the scent of lavender before bedtime. Studies have shown that lavender can help ease anxiety, insomnia, depression and fatigue. You could light a lavender-scented candle an hour before bedtime, use lotion or even place a few drops of lavender oil inside your pillowcase.

Resize Your Shrunken Shirts

Have you lost your favorite T-shirt to a too-high dryer setting? Well, you can fix that shrunken shirt with ingredients you probably have at home right now. Enter warm water and hair conditioner. Mix the two ingredients together and soak your article of clothing in the mixture for five minutes. Then, stretch your clothing back to size.

Get Squeaky Clean Kicks

Our favorite pairs of shoes get a lot of use and can get dirty along the way. Refresh white-soled sneakers and give them good scrub using toothpaste and an old toothbrush or plastic scrubber. Your kicks will look nearly new.

Hairspray Stains Away

You can save yourself a trip to the store when ink spills on your favorite shirt, and run to the bathroom instead. Hairspray works quite well when it comes to removing stains and ink from polyester-blend fabrics. Just be sure to use an alcohol-based spray to get the job done.

Keep Your Car Clean

For those of us that treat our vehicles like mobile garbage cans, keeping a clean ride is easier said than done. For an easy fix, grab a plastic cereal dispenser (the cheap dollar store ones work great) and slip a plastic bag inside for your trash. The closeable lid will help keep odors trapped, too.

Snack and Study

Sometimes we have to study for school. Other times, it’s for work. Although everyone has different study quirks, incorporating tasty treats (that can be healthy) into your study sessions will help to fuel your brain when you’re burnt out and buried in books. Stick to protein-rich foods like cheese and crackers, or try munching on some almonds to keep your energy up.

Max Your Workouts

Getting stuck in a workout rut can be detrimental to any progress you’re hoping to make with your health. Switching up your workout routines is proven to boost your metabolism as your body adapts to different types of exercise. If you’re feeling bored with the treadmill, try a few yoga classes or circuit training.

Avoid Packing Problems

Have you ever had your toiletries explode in your bag during a trip? Us, too. This can be easily fixed using several methods: Place plastic wrap beneath the cap of all your liquids, use masking tape over bottle openings or stick liquids in an extra plastic bag.

Fix Your Phone Charger

They bend, break and make life a nightmare once the charge stops working. But you can prevent your phone charger from fraying by simply rolling the spring from an old pen around the cord. If your cord is already split in two, using moldable glue like Sugru can solve your charging problems in a pinch.

Double Your Closet Space

To get the most out of your clothing storage space, try using can tabs. Remove and clean the tabs from pop or tuna cans, slip one end over your hanger and then slip another hanger through the open tab. Viola — you’ve got double hangers and extra space.