Do You Even Save, Bro?

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 | Savings

What do a ceramic pig, cactus cup and a Pringles can all have in common?

They are all PERFECT for saving your loose change!

case you didn’t know, April is Youth Month. It is designed to encourage
youth members of credit unions to strengthen their saving habits or
develop new ones. Purdue Federal values each and every member and we are
here to help wherever the road may take you. 

21 years old and growing up in a financially stable household, I never
knew I HAD to save money. I thought it was an option. 

I got my first job, all I did was spend my money. My mom was constantly
telling me to save money for my future because everyone should have a
savings account in case of emergencies or large purchases. I chose not
to listen and here I am, a junior in college paying for things I never
expected to pay for and I wish I had a solid savings account. 

Mom was right again. Who knew?

theme for Youth Month this year is Credit Union Strong. All month we
have been encouraging our young members to come in and make deposits to
help pump up their savings. 
matter how old (or young) you are, the message is the same. A solid
savings account is a necessity, not a maybe. When you get paid, don’t
forget to pay yourself first and drop a few bills into your savings

You’re never too young to start saving, and it’s the cool thing to do (just in case you were worried). We encourage everyone to visit our branches – piggy bank in hand – and make a deposit today! 
Until next time…
Courtney Dunk
Marketing Intern