Putting Together A Budget That Works For You

On Aug 14th, 2018 | Budgeting, College, Credit, Debt, Money Management, Savings

Essentially, a budget is a plan for how you will spend your cash. It can help you understand where your money goes — not to mention how to streamline your spending to save a little extra. Income The first step in creating a budget is determining your income and how much money you actually have to [&hellip…

Lessons From My Father: Bartering skills

On Jun 27th, 2018

Before you begin, you should understand what skill you have to barter. One of the most marketable skills in a barter economy is mechanical skills...

Get Your Network Working For You

On Jun 14th, 2018

Building a professional network is a crucial (yet daunting) factor in developing a career. In a competitive job market, it’s important to network efficiently and

Best Ways to Save on Summer Vacation

On Jun 7th, 2018

With school letting out and sultry summer days ahead, it’s time to start thinking vacation. Because it’s a supply-and-demand world, you’ll likely be up against